Commitment; accountability; full compliance to regulations and standards; achieving our targets.
Pride; Determination; Goal Orientated; Rewarding Good Performers.
Team Effort
Training; Participation; Team Planning; Sharing of Ideas; Openness; Faithful.
Honest caring of people; Recognition of achievements; Understanding.

What We Offer?

Extensive experience & track record through experience obtained from our share holders and clients through our previous mining contracting experience. We are a company that thrives on placing safety as our first objective.

  • We are committed to quality services driven by our vision to becoming a business partner of choice amongst all our stakeholders.

  • Our existence is underpinned by one fundamental objective, to maximise share holders wealth whilst making significant contributions to economic development, equitable worth distribution and social transformation.

  • Our objective is to remain an effective and safe mining contractor in the industry and in so doing we will create value for our shareholders through: Commitment, Accountability, Compliance, Target driven.

Our Core Services

Thorough drilling to investigate the contents of ore deposits and or sites for commercial and potential geological value.

Core samples removed to assist the mineral resources staff to evaluate the value, geological formation and the environmental impact of the site.

Here we drill holes in different sizes i.e. Diameter, depth depending on the mining method and the mine specification.
Holes are drilled with the purpose of placement of explosives for blasting (blast holes).
We design the drilling pattern to mine specification in order to produce good quality fragmentation.
We drill production holes for both surface and underground mining.
Here we use a system we developed for use in sensitive areas to drill boulders and toes created during production blasting due to burden, stemming etc.

We have introduced the use of NON-Detonators explosives with an advantage of:
1. Minimal fly rocks
2. Reduced noise level
3. Minimal evacuation distance
4. Low fumes
5. Minimal vibrations and shock waves

Latest Projects